Winloot Sweepstakes

Winloot is a site that veteran sweepers know well, they’ve been around since 2013 and awarded over 30,000 prizes to date. By all indications of how the site has expanded and grown over the years with newer and bigger sweepstakes? They’re just getting started!!!

One of the staples of Winloot is that a player wins $250 Cash EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! And that’s just for completing all of the other awesome games which each have their own awesome prizes like 65 chances a day to instantly win up to $5000 CASH!!!

But did you know that in addition to awarding at least $250 Cash Daily Prizes and 10K A Month For Life Prizes, that there’s a ONE MILLION DOLLAR CASH PRIZE AT WINLOOT!!!

That’s right, ONE MILLION DOLLARS CASH is up for grabs. How often do you get the awesome opportunity to win a MILLION DOLLARS? Well, Winloot gives you TWO CHANCES A DAY TO WIN ONE MILLION DOLLARS EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!

Have I gotten excited enough yet about this huge mega-jackpot? I mean seriously, what could you do with ONE MILLION DOLLARS? New Home? New Car? Vacations? Investments? Is there ever a bad time for a windfall of cash? I don’t think so!!!

And there are loads of amazing prizes up for grabs at Winloot like $10,000 A MONTH FOR LIFE!!!

Have I gotten through to you yet just how many ways there are to win at Winloot???? Drop by WINLOOT and play your numbers every day because this one is a daily entry, so be sure to come early and come back often to get as many entries as you can for this cool new sweepstakes.

Prize Value: Up to $1,000,000
How To Enter: Online
End Date: N/A
Eligibility: USA, CA, UK, AU, NZ and IE, 18+
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